Professor Martin Senftleben Lectures on "EU Law on Intellectual Property and International Intellectual Property Law - Concurrently on the Writing of English Articles"
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On the morning of July 11, 2017, Professor Martin Senftleben brought a brilliant academic forum to the teachers and doctoral students of Intellectual Property Institute in the C519 classroom of Law School. Professor Martin Senftleben comes from Europe, one of the most influential young intellectual law scholars, working at the Netherlands Liberal University in Amsterdam. The theme of this forum was "EU Intellectual Property Law and International Intellectual Property Law - Concurrently with Writing of English Articles"

On the first phase of the lecture, Professor Senftleben conducted an in-depth discussion with the present teachers and doctoral students on the issue of intellectual property protection of artificial intelligence. During the second phase of the forum, Professor Senftleben guided the writing of English essays and quizzed the teachers and doctoral students present by creating an outline of an English essay on the spot. 

The doctoral students present had benefited greatly and looked forward to the next meeting with Professor Senftleben.