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Xiamen university institute of intellecttual property rights profile
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Xiamen university institute of intellectual property rights

Xiamen university institute of intellectual property rights is according to the state intellectual property office in May 2008 and fujian province people's government signed the common on the channel west bank economic zone development of intellectual property rights cooperation protocol and the provincial department in consultation with the point of spirit, by xiamen university and the intellectual property office of fujian province to build the establishment of scientific research, teaching, international communication and social services in one multi-function, high level of intellectual property rights of a research platform and talent training base. Since its inception on July 30, 2008, xiamen university, institute of intellectual property in xiamen university the school motto of "self-discipline, stop yu zhishan", give full play to the xiamen university as the discipline overlapping advantage of comprehensive university, relying on the xiamen university school of law, school of management and school of economics, the scientific research strength, at the same time by importing specialized high-level independent intellectual property rights of scientific research talents, has been initially formed discipline superiority, rational layout of the intellectual property rights of teaching and research team.

Xiamen university intellectual property research institute now has a full-time, part-time researchers more than 40 people, including 13 professors (including 10 doctoral supervisors), and President of China intellectual property law, professor Liu Chuntian, retained the Max Planck institute in Germany in Munich, director of the institute of innovation and competition Reto professor Hilty and intellectual property law center in Munich professor Joseph Straus, the original Taiwan politics professor, director of the institute of university intellectual property Liu Jiangbin guest or honorary professor of famous scholars at home and abroad. At the same time, Lin Xiuqin, Ding Liying, xiao-hai liu, professor Guo Yi beauty in intellectual property rights theory, system and practice research has achieved fruitful research results. In recent years, the institute for national social science fund project, national natural science fund project, the ministry of education, ministry of justice, the state intellectual property office and the world intellectual property organization institutions such as the research topic of 50, and bear the "intellectual property strategy compendium of fujian province", "xiamen the top design, overall planning and implement the strategy of intellectual property rights of the drafting work.

Since its establishment, the institute of intellectual property rights have respectively set up a professional intellectual property law and intellectual property management of professional master degree and doctoral degree; In 2014 began to recruit on-the-job master's and doctoral students; Taiwan intellectual property law In 2015 set up the "intellectual property rights of technology, the double bachelor's innovation experimental classes", established a comprehensive, multi-level talent cultivation system of intellectual property rights. Began with support from the state intellectual property office of 2014 international university intellectual property rights in winter (summer) camp. Institute also actively developing on-the-job training of intellectual property work, responsible for government departments, enterprises and institutions from all over the country training work of intellectual property rights.

Xiamen university intellectual property research institute look forward to working with international organizations, governments, enterprises and research institutions work together, to promote the construction of the power of intellectual property rights in China to make greater contribution.

Xiamen university institute of intellectual property rights

LIN Xiuqin
Current Position and other Titles ​
Deputy Dean and Professor of Law, School of Law, Xiamen University, PR China;