LUO Liguo
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Luo Liguo

Assistant Professor, intellectual property Institute of Xiamen University

Beijing Zhongyin (Xiamen) law firm part-time lawyer

Arbitrator of Zhuhai Arbitration Commission


ØXiamen University

Post-doctoral of Law

ØHuazhong University of Science and Technology

PhD of Management

Technische Universität München  exchange student

ØHuazhong University of Science and Technology

Master of Law

ØHuazhong University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Management

Bachelor of Law

Research Projects

ØThe National Post-doctoral Project. Research on patent research collaborative innovation mechanism based on knowledge network, 2014.9-2015.12

ØFujian IP Office Project : Research on the Patent using and industrialization of Fujian province policy, 2013.11-2014.1

ØFujian IP Office Project : The patent analysis of Internet of Things industry of Fujian province, 2014.6-2014.11

ØEnterprise Project: Enterprise IP cloud platform research, 2014.7-2014.12

ØEnterprise Project: Enterprise IP management research, 2016.7-2017.6



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