2016 campus students funding situation of the public intellectual property
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In 2016, xiamen university summer school student funding situation of the public intellectual property information is as follows:

The serial number name gender funding level

1 Zhang Weichang male first

2 Xu Jifei male first

3 Chen Mengyuan female superior

4 self-improvement male first

5 Zhang Tianxin female superior

Six general female superior

7 zhu ge men wait

8 Hu Xuan Chen female superior

9 li-wen tang female superior

10 Duan Yu in male first

11 waley male first

12 Lin Jieying female superior

13 Lin Pei female superior

14 Kang Mingjie female superior

15 Tian Shuangli female superior

16 Zhang Xunyun female superior

17 Chen Xueyu male first

18 Yang Zhengyu male first

19 Wang Lingye female superior

20 Zhu Yiqing female superior

21 jersey female superior

The public notice period for July 20, 2016-27. In the meantime, to object to the list of the public, or in written form, please email to xiamen university institute of intellectual property office reflect (real name name, contact details).

Institute of public email account: IP@xmu.edu.cn

Contact phone: 0592-2182729