[Forward] about the selection of outstanding doctoral student to harvard in the United States - 2017-2018 school year, harvard-yenching institute visiting notification
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Each college (institute), the classmate:

Informed by the international office, the American college of harvard, yanjing continue to invite the excellent doctor in our school, was born in 2017-2018 school year to access to our school to recommend one candidate to declare visiting project (want fellows program). Now the related matters notice is as follows:

A, application conditions:

1. The applicant is a full-time in the Asian, Ph.D

2. Has a strong scientific research ability

3. The physical and mental health

Second, the subject areas:

Applicants should be from the field of humanities and social science, research priorities for culture. Project to academic scholars, rather than the applied scholar. Especially popular in East Asian Studies (East Asian Studies)), especially comparative study methods (comparative focus) of the applicant. Research areas include: anthropology, archaeology, history, art history, economic and legal history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology. Economics, law, education and psychology can also be declared, but need to confirm with the foreign party.

Project introduction:

1. Access date: one year. Men not only have the opportunity to use the Harvard University library and other facilities, and the liberal arts research institute affiliated to Harvard University.

2. Support content: living allowance of $2750 / month, international travel, conference funding, course fees, etc

3. Selection criteria: English level, the quality of the research project and originality, the depth of the research object, at Harvard University and/or other important American colleges and universities of the feasibility of the implementation of research.

Four, selection process:

(a) the school selection: please related institute, institute on the basis of the above conditions, preferential recommend candidates. Limited places for candidates, please recommend one candidate, various units in the person of special good, can be appropriately increased, such as the unit of more than one candidate must sort the candidates, before 7 June to print the following declaration materials delivered to the graduate school culture, copy to liuyihong@xmu.edu.cn.

1. The institute, institute of fill in the "study abroad candidate list";

(2) fill in "xiamen university graduate student abroad visiting yanjing (harvard) project application form (head examined by place unit, signature, stamp).

3. The research results prove that;

4. The language level certificate (scanning electronic submission PDF format).

The school selection related issues, please contact Liu: 2180887

(2) online declaration: subject to consent by the school to determine the recommended candidates, according to the requirements of the foreign to declare on the Internet. Network to information to contact the international cooperation and exchanges in (contact person: miss Lin, contact phone number: 2186167).

Attachment 1: list

Attachment 2: application form

Attachment 3: invitation letter

Attachment 4: About the online application system

Annex 5: Institutional approval form

The attachment 6: want to Fellows Program sample application form

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