Prospectus for 2015 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School
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December of 2014 marks the first year of 2014 XMU Winter IP and Knowledge Management Program held by Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xiamen University (IPRI of Xiamen University), with excellent response and active participation of students from China and abroad (for details of reports, see .

With the goal of promote academic exchange in the field of intellectual property law, the 2015 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School will be held in July of 2015, Xiamen, with the theme of “Intellectual Property and its Innovation in the Era of Internet”.

With the great support of China’s Intellectual Property Office, the summer school is held by IPRI of Xiamen University ( and invites highly qualified legal professionals and renowned IP experts to impart their first-hand experience and insights, such as Reto M. Hilty, the director of Max Planck Institute of Innovation and Competition, Peter Yu, the professor of School of Law, Drake University, Geertrui Van Overwalle, ZHOU Huasong, the president of Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd, LIN Xiuqin, the professor and dean of IPRI, Xiamen University and senior intellectual property judge. The lectures cover the theme as “Internet, Innovation and Copyright”, “Internet, Innovation and Patent”, “Internet, New-type Business Mode and Anti-trust, Anti Unfair Competition”, “Other New-type Intellectual Property Issues”. Additionally, site visits in well-known enterprises, accommodation in local Chinese families, as well as other special activities provided for foreign participants will bring you better understanding of Chinese culture and IP law in China.


  July 3, 2015 – July 17, 2015

1 Registration: July 2 (8:00-19:00);

2 Lectures and discussion (including site visits): July 3- July 12

3 “Experiencing China”: July 13-July 17

II.Hosting and supporting organizations

Hosted by:

State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

Supported by:

Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd

Graduate School, Xiamen University

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Xiamen University

School of Law, Xiamen University

Fujian Intellectual Property Office

Xiamen Intellectual Property Office

III.Notes for application

1.Enrollment scope: the summer school is open to college students from China and abroad. The scholarship is available for application to all the enrolled students. Applicants from all walks of life are also welcome (registration fee should be paid).

2.Requirements of applicants: (1) doctors, masters and bachelors majoring in intellectual property; or (2) teachers of intellectual property or other relevant majors; or (3) government officials, lawyers, legal practitioners or corporate executives, etc.

3.Registration fee

(1) Currently enrolled students are exempt from registration fee. Food and accommodation fee could be fully or partly exempted by scholarship or self-funded.

(2) Other applicants should pay registration fee, for a. teachers from college: 1000 RMB yuan; b. government officials, lawyers, legal practitioners, corporate executives: 2000 RMB yuan.

4.Scholarship and standard:

All the currently enrolled students could apply for scholarship; scholarship is not available to other applicants. The food and accommodation expenses are borne by applicants themselves (if there is a need, we can offer food card to applicants, by whom relevant expenses caused should be borne).

Scholarship standard is as follows:

a.A-type scholarship: (1) foreign students: travel expenses (USD 800 at most) and food and accommodation expenses (for two weeks); (2) Chinese students (including students from HK, Macao and Taiwan): travel expenses (2000 RMB yuan at most; subject to the railway and taxi ticket; air ticket is not included in reimbursement) and food and accommodation expenses (for one week).

b.B-type scholarship: food and accommodation expenses (foreign students: two weeks; Chinese students: one week).

(Note: The travel expense mentioned above mainly covers economy ticket at discount. The upper limit of food and accommodation is 2000 RMB yuan per week. In particular cases, the outstanding applicants have the chance to increase their scholarship which is determined by the organizer.)

5.Application process: please download and fill in the Application Form of XMU IP Summer School (see annex for details, hereinafter referred as Application Form) and email to with other required documents. TheApplication Form should be sent to the email address above in time; other documents are suggested be sent with the Application Form in electronic edition. If not possible, post is also accepted (EMS is recommended.)

6.Application materials: beside the Application Form, the other materials are also recommended to provide: (1) resume; (2) certification of competition awards and honors; (3) scientific achievements, published or not are both accepted; (4) other materials conducive to prove yourself.

The materials above are important reference for screening, enrollment and offering scholarship. To apply for scholarship, applicants should also provide valid proof of academic records and other achievements.

7.Application time: the application is open now. Foreign applicants should submit the Application Form and other materials before April 30, 2015; Chinese applicants (including HK, Macao and Taiwan) should submit the Application Form and other materials before June 10, 2015. The deadline mentioned above is subject to the sending time of email or postmark. The final result of enrollment and scholarship will be released before June 10, 2015.


(1) The applicants who have attended the winter program last year are also welcome. The A-type scholarship is not provided. And please explain that you’ve attended before in the remarks column.

(2) Interview of recommended postgraduate: the IPRI will hold the interview of postgraduate recommendation during the summer school. Students with qualification of recommendation will be given priority. We warmly welcome students with admission (for master degree) to this summer school.

IV.Lecturer (to be determined)

LIN Xiuqin, the Dean of IPRI, Xiamen University, Professor

Reto M. Hilty, the Director of Max Planck Institute of Innovation and Competition, Germany

Peter Yu, the Professor of School of Law, Drake University, U.S.

Geertrui Van Overwalle, the Professor of University of Leuven

ZHOU Huasong, the President of Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd

LI Fushan, the IP Supervisor of Tencent Company

Senior judge, Supreme People’s Court of China (or IP Court)

LI Mingde, the Director of Intellectual Property Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

CUI Guobin, the Associate professor of the School of Law, Tsinghua Unversity

WANG Qian, the Professor of Intellectual Property School, East China University of Political Science and Law

LIU Kongzhong, the Professor of Institute of Science and Law, Taiwan Tsinghua University

XIONG Songmei, the Judge of Taiwan Intellectual Property Court

LI Yahong, the Professor of the School of Law, Hong Kong University

V. Lectures (to be determined)

The lectures will cover the theme of the summer school “Intellectual Property and Its Innovation in the Era of Internet”: “internet, innovation and copyright”, “internet, innovation and patent”, “internet, new business mode and anti-monopoly” and “other new-type IP issues”.

(Notes: the lecturers and lectures are subject to change without further notice.)

VI.“Experiencing China” and Site Visits in Enterprises

1.“Experiencing China”: foreign students can apply for the “Experiencing China” and live in friendly Chinese families in Longyan city, Fujian Province, to gain personal experience of the culture and life here. (for details of the activities in 2014, see

2.Site visits: Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd or well-known ceramic enterprise in Dehua city (model area listed by World IP Organization).

3.Visits to Humanities Museum, performance of Art School, artistic work in Furong tunnel in Xiamen University.


In the end of the summer school, all attendees should submit paper, academic report, summary and other required documents (further notice will be given about the specific requirements). Those passing the examination will get course-completion certification and credit certification (3 credits) by IPRI of Xiamen University.


Executive Secretary: LIN Shaoting;

Tel/Fax: +86 (0)595-2182729;


Please pay attention to our official website (IPRI of Xiamen University): for news and updates of the summer school.

IX. Others

For more information, please refer to the 2014 Winter IP and Knowledge Management Program.



Introduction of Xiamen and Xiamen University:

Located in the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is a seaside city with culture integrated both eastern and western features under the background of profound exchange and communication between Xiamen and abroad in recent years. Xiamen boasts charming coastline and multi cultures of architecture and arts. Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee, the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, the first university founded by an overseas Chinese and a high-level university well-known in China. With its attractive scenery, Xiamen University is recognized as one of the most beautiful universities among China. Near the campus located Zengcuo’an community, famous for numerous art clubs, bars and coffee houses. See the website of Xiamen University:

Introduction of School of Law of XMU and IPRI:

Xiamen University is one of the oldest universities to hold higher legal education in China. In June 1926, Xiamen University established law discipline, with three sub- departments as law, political science and economy. In February 1930, the “law discipline”is changed to “law school”. The current School of Law is at the base of the former law department after several adjustments. Since the reopening of law major in 1979, the School of Law has fostered a competitive academic team with 81 full time teachers, among which 36 are professors, 21 are associate professors, 66 of them with doctoral degree. In the evaluation of law discipline held by China Academic Degrees Graduate Education Development Center in 2005 and 2009, the comprehensive strength of XMU School of Law ranked the eighth among China. See the website of XMU School of Law:

Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xiamen University (IPRI) is a key institute for intellectual property teaching and research as well as an open platform for academic exchange and consultation services with rich experience of international academic conference, high-level forum and training program. “Fujian Training Base of Intellectual Property” and “Intellectual Property Education and Research Center of Xiamen University” are located in IPRI, attracting numerous people from abroad for training and exchange. See the website of IPRI:

 attaching document: 2015 IPRI Summer Program Application Form