【2016 IP Summer School】Experience Sharing Sessions and Closing Ceremony Had Been Accomplished Successfully
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IPRI news(reported by Yin Ziqiang, photoed by Zhu Ge) At 3PM, July 17th, 2016, 2016 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School had come to final stage. Grand Experience sharing sessions and closing ceremony were held in Room 502, Nanqiang building.


Experiences sharing sessions were held firstly and six representatives from all over the world made wonderful speeches successively. The first representative, Ilkka Toumainen from Poland made a speech with a theme on FRAND Commitments and Competition Law - A View from Europe. The second representative, Preeti Uttam from India, shared her insightful views on Evergreening of Patents: Revival of Monopoly and Colonization. The third representative, Ph. D candidate Chen Xueyu from Xiamen University IPRI, made a speech on The Influence of the Third Amendment of the Patent Law on the Development and Application of Medical Technologyand the Fourth Amendment of the Patent Law. Nomagugu Hlongwane from South Africa shared her opinions on EmployeesWork: Who is the Owner of Copyrightable MaterialXiao Yiling from Taiwan also brought wonderful topic on How to Identify the Boundaries between plagiarismand non-plagiarismunder the Copyright Act in Taiwan: Focusing upon the Judgments Made by the Courts of Taiwan. Last but not least, Ren Xiaolu from Wuhan University shared her original IP Distribute Solution.


Camper Ilkka Toumaine made a speech

Camper Preeti Uttam made a speech

Camper Chen Xueyu made a speech

Camper Nomagugu Hlongwane made a speech

Camper Xiao Yiling made a speech

Camper Ren Xiaolu made a speech

Campers and teachers took a photo together


Grand closing ceremony came after experiences sharing sessions. Dean of IPRI of Xiamen University, Professor Lin Xiuqin, Assistant Professor Luo Liguo, Assistant Professor Zhu Dong, and Assistant Professor Wang Jun attended the ceremony. They issued certificates of completion to all qualified campers, issued volunteer certificates to 16 volunteers, and took photos with them. Professor Lin Xiuqin made a closing speech, giving thanks to attendances of all campers, congratulating on successful completion of all courses and making sincere wishes to future study and life of all campers. Finally, Professor Lin Xiuqin announced that 2016 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School came to a wonderful ending.