【2016 IP Summer School 】Judge Chen Jinchuan talked about judicial IP protection of China
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IPRI news(reported by Yin Ziqiang, photoed by Tian Shuangli)

In the afternoon of July, 16th, 2016, it came the fifth date of 2016 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School. A lecture with a theme on judicial IP protection of China was held at Room 502, Nanjiang Building. Judge Chen Jinchuan, who is vice president of Beijing IP court hosted the lecture. Judge Chen Jinchuan has solid theoretical background and rich judicial experiences. He also holds posts as China IP law society managing director, China copyright society managing director, China technology law

society managing director, China IP research society director and Beijing IP law society vice president.

Firstly, Judge Chen Jinchuan introduced the background of establishment of China IP court. In the end of 2014, when Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou IP court established successively, China faced new situations of Chinese economic transition, promotion of rule of law and new development of IP trial. IP specialized court undertakes important mission to promote the building of innovation-oriented country, start of judicial reform and exploration of trial system.

Then, Judge Chen Jinchuan explained the characters of China IP court. It is both first-instance court and appeal court, and it also governs all civil, administrative IP cases. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou courts have different emphases, meanwhile they have cross-region jurisdiction.

Finally, Judge Chen Jinchuan introduced way of analysis of copyright issues. Firstly, it should be analyzed the constitution of works and object of copyright, secondly, contents of copyright and its protection should be discussed; then it comes to distribution of burden of proof of copyright infringement, last but not least, the way of trial of copyright case was be discussed.

Judge Chen Jinchuan leaved his contact method nicely, hoping that he can maintain positive contact with campers after the seminar. This seminar achieved enthusiastic response and the atmosphere was high.