【2016 IP Summer School 】Judge Sung-Mei Hsiung discussed Taiwan trade secret war
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Judge Sung-Mei Hsiung discussed Taiwan trade secret war

IPRI news(reported by Wu Hao, photoed by Tian Shuangli)

Trade secret, as well as business secret, is a white war. On July 16th, 2016, Judge Sung-Mei Hsiung, who serves for Taiwan IP court, came to Xiamen University to attend IP summer school in Room 502, Nanjigang 2 building.

Judge Sung-Mei Hsiung has rich trial experiences. Today she brought us lots of cases and data, which provide more direct understandings of historical trend, current situation and future development of trade secret dispute in Taiwan. As Judge Hsiung introduced, most of trade secret cases in Taiwan happen between companies and their former employees hired by their competing companies. Trade secret is a good method to protect market, which is the best legal method to protect secret good for companies. Currently, there exists explicit currency that trade secret war has upgraded from domestic level from international level. Judge Hsiung explained this question based on several trade secret litigations between Taiwan companies and international companies.

Judge Hsiung also introduced announcement that attorney general will consider when prosecuting trade secret case. This seminar enriches not only campers understandings of practice, but also judicial practice of trade secret in Taiwan. Judge Hsiung answered campers questions patiently. Finally, Professor Lin Xiuqin issued a certificate of schooling to Judge Hsiung and briefed this seminar.