【2016 IP Summer School】Professor Li Mingde talked about Establish an Intellectual Property Strong Country
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IPRI news(reported by Yin Ziqiang, photoed by Zhu Ge)

In the morning of July 15th, it came the fourth date of 2016 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School. A lecture with a theme on Establish an Intellectual Property Strong Country was held at Room B 137, Law School. Keynote speaker is Professor Li Minde, who is a great master in IP law field in China. As the fifth lecture of IP summer school, plus high popularity of Professor Li, this lecture received great focus and expectation of campers.


First of all, Professor Li introduced latest innovation development path and great achievement in China. He expressed that although China had made a spur of progress in economic, it is also stepping into a bottleneck period apparently. The most important reason is mismatching innovation strength. China has to change its development model, transforming its old methods which overdepend on cheap labor, natural resources and foreign investment, to new method of enhancing industrial level. Such transformation depends on innovation driven development strategy.


Then, Professor Li explained closed links between IP and innovation. Starting from giant change to modern society of innovation, Professor Li explained why innovation needs sufficient protection, and IP system is based on such necessities. Professor Li also explained the reason that Chinese IP system develops quickly although it has a late start based on Chinese IP systems development path.


Then, Professor Li introduced current enforcement status of IP system. He firstly introduced IP enforcement status at international level and the role China plays under TRIPs agreement, then the strengths and weakness of domestic IP enforcement status was analyzed from domestic IP enforcement perspective.


Finally, Professor Li compared the gap between China and other strong IP countries in detailed, pointing out the direction that China should follow in future development, and making unique suggestions to IP development in China.


Summer school has half past and campers are a little bit tired. Professor Lis lecture infused energy to campers. This seminar achieved enthusiastic response and the atmosphere was high.