【2016 IP Summer School】Professor Professor Mei-Hsin Wang and Attorney Tan Zhongming discussed about Legal Issues Related to Technology Monetization and M&A
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Professor Professor Mei-Hsin Wang and Attorney Tan Zhongming discussed about Legal Issues Related to Technology Monetization and M&A

IPRI news(reported by Wu Hao, photoed by Tian Shuangli)IP protection may impose great benefit on monopoly, which is maximization of profits, meanwhile, it also may invoke problem, which is anti-monopoly fine. When the monetization of patent and technology is more and more explicit, this trend has great impact on M&A of companies. Legal issues arisen can not be ignored.


At 15:00PM, in the afternoon of July 14th, Professor Mei-Hsin Wang who is professor in graduate school of material science, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, came to our moot court to provide campers a lecture with a theme on legal issues related to monopoly and monetization of technology in M&A.


Professor Wang firstly mentioned that anti-monopoly execution  fights back to new issues related to upgrade and increasingly complex of form and extend of monopoly behavior, e.g. establishment of monopoly alliance, great impact of price monopoly in pharmaceutical field on market competition and consumers. Professor Wang argued that monopoly will maximize profits on one hand, and bear huge legal risk on the other hand. Sound completion can be maintained only when monopoly subject to strict legal restriction.


Then as to monetization of patent and technology, Professor Wang thought that more and more litigation method to resolve infringement and compensation problems in IP transactions and growing trend of monetization of patent asset are the form of monetization of patent and technology. Professor Wang showed current status of Chinese IP asset securitization and its strengths.


Professor Wang also expressed her opinions to emerging capital M&A in the development of IP. She tended to treat it as a positive thing, which is beneficial to diversity of trade target, inter-discipline of research field, and enlarge the scale and prolong the development of companies. Such trend may enhance core competition capacity of domestic companies. She also use related cases to explain the strength of M&A, which impressed campers very much.


Then Attorney Tan Zhongming discussed about regulations and announcements in M&A. He suggested campers putting emphases on anti-monopoly law and anti-unfair competition law. He pointed out that high quality patent will bring strength in competition, meanwhile it is suggested joining such patents into patent ally to acquire protection. At the same time, it is essential to choose powerful leading companies in the ally. It is advised to follow related law and regulations. IP business is not limited to traditional filed, therefore it is sound to think outside the box to maximize benefits of IP.


Finally, Teacher Zhu Dong issued certificates to two guests and expressed thanks for their wonderful speeches.