Xiamen Hedao Brand Management Group Co., Ltd. and Our Institute Has Carried Out Cooperation and Exchanges
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On the afternoon of December 13, 2016, the cooperation meeting and part-time coaching ceremony between Xiamen Hedao Brand Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hedao Group") and Institute were successfully held in the C419 Conference Hall of Law School. The guests who participate in the meeting are: Cai Chun, Chairman of Hedao Group, and Prof. Lin Xiuqin, Dean of Institute, Qiu Aimin, Chief Consultant of Hedao Group, Li Jing, Assistant Professor of Our Institute and post-doctoral Zhu Dong.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Cai Chunhe and Ms. Qiu Aimin of Hedao Group briefed the current situation of internal development, intellectual property litigation business and future development plan in recent years. Mr. Lin Xiuqin reviewed the development course of cooperation between the two sides. Subsequently, the two sides mainly focused on success experience about how to deal with intellectual property litigation. Aiming to summarize the experience of intellectual property litigation, expand the impact of practical platform and enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection of relevant enterprises, the two sides intended to select the typical cases of intellectual property rights that was handled by Hedao Group in recent years. They also tried to explore the further cooperation. Finally, Prof. Lin Xiuqin on behalf of the Institute of Intellectual Property awarded Mr. Cai Chunhe, Miss Qiu Aimin part-time master tutor certificates.