Queen Mary College of London University Visited Law School of Xiamen University to Discuss Cooperation Matters
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On October 14th, the delegation from Queen Mary College of London University visited Law School. Prof. Spyros Maniatis, Director of the Center for Commercial Law Research at Law School of London University, Prof. Tang Guanhong, Ms. Christine Zhou, Program Coordinator of China and Southeast Asia, and others visited the Institute of Intellectual Property. Then two sides negotiated cooperation in running schools and other matters. Prof. Lin Xiuqin, Deputy Dean of Law School and Dean of Intellectual Property Research Institute, as well as prof. Zhu Yansheng, Deputy Dean of School of Law, welcomed the delegation.

Prof. Lin Xiuqin introduced the status of the subject of intellectual property law in the current legal system in China, and briefly described the cultivation status of the second degree, master's degree and doctoral degree of the intellectual property law of Xiamen University. A series of training programs developed by our institute have aroused the interest of foreign guests. These training programs provide concrete ideas for the two schools to carry out in-depth cooperation on intellectual property disciplines.

Under the framework of the inter-school cooperation agreement signed by the two schools, Prof. Maniatis suggested that we should focus more on academic research, professional education, student exchange, social training and so on, in relation to possible cooperation between the two schools on intellectual property disciplines. Prof. Lin Xiuqin has made a positive response and suggested that we should strengthen the cooperation of two schools in the field of intellectual property training with the help of our international intellectual property camp.

This negotiation is under a clear and pleasant atmosphere. Two schools have carried out the main direction of cooperation for the follow-up and the implementation of specific cooperation projects.