【2016 IP Summer School】Campers visited Xiamen Solex technology park
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IPRI news(reported by Zhang Xunyun)

In the afternoon of July 13rd, campers of Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School came to Solex technology park located in Haicang Zone, Xiamen to visit and study. Due to big number of campers, IPRI arranged three groups to visit the park efficiently.


Guide firstly introduce brief situation of technology park including Solex sanitary park, Solex creative cultural products park, Solex cabinet park. Solex is a highly creative company. It had obtained more than 70 domestic and international industrial design awards, which is the only high tech companies wining red dot design award, Germany IF design award and Ideal design award. It has 22 specialized R&D groups, 2,086 patents, holding 61.9% domestic design. This company focusing high tech innovation and design tech is the best model combing IP and commercialization. In the demonstration zone, guide demonstrated several cutting-edge technologies in sanitary products. Although concerning very common bath products, tap or even pipe, button, after innovation and reform, combing new technologies, e.g. screen, switch button, touch button, the products not only have taken on an entirely newlook, but also improve life quality.


In the testing zone, several campers experienced sanitary equipment with constant temperature function, with massage function, and with broadcasting, light-switch, blue-tooth functions. Such experiences deepen understandings of technology innovation of Solex.


After visiting products demonstration areas, Mr. Zheng Xiaoming, vice sales director of Solex, explained core technology, company culture and values further. Mr. Zheng summarized three most valuable ideas of Solex to its partners: innovation, design and quality. Solexs products are sold in more than 100 countries and it has built closed cooperation partnerships with local brands. Such cooperation is built on protection of IP. He indicated firmly that IP will be companys, especially high tech company like Solexs powerful weapon, to maintain its valuable innovation products and keep its strength.


This activity provides more understandings of IP in commercialization and creative operational model of Solex. Thank you very much for Solex for this activity.