In 2016, xiamen university institute of intellectual property rights to accept recommended an exemption of postgraduate examination arrangement notice
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A, application conditions

Applicants first from xiamen university intellectual property research institute "in 2016, xiamen university international college students summer camp" intellectual property in the selection, recommend an exemption of xiamen university in 2017 to be fulfilled the relevant requirement of graduate student recruit students general rules.

Second, the inspection time

(a) qualification

On July 11, 24 hours a day (morning 8:00-11:30, afternoon comes - 17:30pm) carry the relevant materials to the law school C215 office for qualification.

(2) of the interview

1. Intellectual property law: on July 13, 2016, then started Wednesday afternoon

2. Master of law (illegal) : July 13, 2016 at 19:00 on Wednesday night

Required to reach the site 15 minutes early and carry id card, student card, enter the examination site is submitted to the examination the teacher inspection.

Three, evaluation content and accounts for a score

1. Master of law (illegal) : comprehensive quality and ability (70%), foreign language (30%);

2. Intellectual property law: professional basic knowledge (35%), the comprehensive quality and ability (35%), foreign language (30%).

Four, examination way, place

Assessment methods: oral examination, professional, foreign language to draw, comprehensive random q&a;

The inspection location: C519 law school

Hou examination rooms: C520 law school

Five, the need to carry the materials (print)

1. Summer camp application form (generated by our school summer camp online registration system, or published in our "2016 at xiamen university international college students summer camp registration form" intellectual property in accordance with requirements of the application form, please build official seal);

2. One copy each of the photocopy of id card, student id card;

3. 1 undergraduate official transcript (must build official seal of school educational administration department) and scores ranking;

4. A foreign language examination transcripts;

5. Two, an associate professor and above expert original letters of recommendation;

6. 1 personal statement;

7. During the period of school proof to the disciplinary (must build official seal of department);

8. The relevant documents (e.g., published papers, reward obtained certificate copy, etc.).

5, 6, and 7 of the template, please download the attachment to fill in.

Please note: (1) the application materials to submit the above list order number, if all the application materials is not complete, will not be accepted. (2) submitted materials will not be returned; (3) 2, 4, 8 items when the original material need to check in to the staff.

Six, a medical

Remind: during the summer camp to xiamen university hospital physical examination, is to be in the morning on an empty stomach; With 1 inch photos 1 and pen; A medical form to the 4th floor care of hospital of xiamen university, physical examination the next afternoon can receive medical examination results; Xiamen university hospital all day work time is Monday to Friday, on Saturday morning, morning 8:00-12:00, 2:30 p.m. - 5:00. Get a checkup C215 teacher Lin to law school.

Seven, the assessment results

Institute of intellectual property rights will be announced as soon as possible, be admitted to the examinee must focus on xiamen university admissions homepage start push notification of no work, according to the requirements in the "national push avoidance management service system" provided information, we will through the system to the examinee to admission notice, the examinee after receiving admission notice, must click login system as soon as possible to accept our online admission, admission status will formally agreed.

Eight, contact

Miss Lin telephone: 0592-2182729; Email:

Other matters please note xiamen university admissions homepage and intellectual property research institute home page "training" enrollment notification "Thurber admissions" column.

Xiamen university institute of intellectual property rights

On July 8, 2016


1. The xiamen university experts of postgraduate recommendation

2. The xiamen university in 2017 examinee report table"

During the period of school proof to the discipline;

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