"Intellectual Property and Foreign Review" Guide for Authors (Volume III)
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"Intellectual Property and Foreign Review" is sponsored by the Intellectual Property Institute of Xiamen University, China's first intellectual property rights of the interdisciplinary research for the characteristics of academic journals, founded since 2014, "Chinese and foreign intellectual property rights comment" is intended to focus on domestic and foreign knowledge important issue of property rights in the field of theoretical and practical significance for scholars from different disciplines of Intellectual property Rights related issues and provide a platform to garden, raise the level of China's intellectual property research, intellectual property rights to promote the prosperity of academic research. Since the founding, Peter Yu, Cai Dazhi, Cui far, Lin Xiuqin, Qiao Yongzhong and other overseas artists were important articles published in the publication. This publication is the quality of the first, I hope as soon as possible through the efforts of the ranks among the CSSCI Bulletin.
"Chinese and foreign intellectual property rights comment" provisional annual volume, Volume III Call for time and requirements: From now until August 31, 2016, after articles submitted will automatically roll into the next round. On the principle of words more than 10,000 words, no ceiling. Articles Welcome to explore issues related to intellectual property research papers for the use of law, management, economics or interdisciplinary research methods.
Once the manuscript format specification requirements attached, be sure to perform in strict accordance with regulatory requirements, and in the form of a Word document submissions. Articles Submission E-mail to: zwzscq@126.com. To facilitate inquiries, please e-mail relating to embody the "name of the author + Posted abbreviation (title or keyword) + submission date." Reviewers period not more than two months, is not received within 2 months of the notification of the editorial department, self-treatment. Articles with limited manpower and resources, contributions to subside, please retention papers.
Articles pay attention to the quality of the article, to encourage academic innovation. Manuscript Once adopted, the royalties favorably and offer the current edition two. Welcome majority of my colleagues Cigao!


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