DING Liying
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 Professor Ding Liying / PhD supervisor: Doctor of Laws, China Intellectual Property Law Research Association. Social part-time lawyer of Fujian faithfulness, Xiamen Arbitration Commission, member of the CPPCC Xiamen, Xiamen Municipal Government invited the Ombudsman, the Xiamen Municipal People's Procuratorate supervisor. The first one hundred "high-level IPR Talents Project", "Fujian New Century Excellent Talents."

Bear project: the Ministry of Justice in 2004 presided over the "rule of law and legal theory" and ministerial research projects, "local management and IP protection of traditional knowledge"; presided over the 2005 Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences planning project, "deal with the US" 337 investigation "Intellectual Property strategy"; presided over the 2008 New Wave (Xiamen) light Industrial Co., Ltd. commissioned projects, "marketing Crafts enterprise Intellectual Property protection plan"; presided over the 2008 Xiamen City Social Science Fund project, "Xiamen Intangible Study on intellectual property issues Heritage development "; presided over the 2008 Fujian Province Social Science Fund project," Intellectual Property protection of Intangible cultural Heritage development in Fujian Province "; presided over the 2008 Xiamen commercial Bank AG commissioned projects," financial innovation IP strategy and countermeasure research "; presided over the 2009 Xiamen arbitration Commission commissioned projects," intellectual property disputes arbitration mechanism "; presided over the 2009 national Social Science Fund project" Research on intellectual property issues of local cultural and ecological construction area - - the development and protection of intangible cultural heritage as the center, "and so on.

Major works: "Intellectual Property Law" (third edition), Xiamen University Press, 2008; "Intellectual Property Law monograph," Science Press, 2008; "protection of traditional knowledge rights Design and Construction --- knowledge property-centric ", law Press, 2009 edition;" give a statement - Heritage and Inheritance ", Xiamen University Press, 1998;" give an explanation - wisdom and property ", Xiamen University Press, 1999;" intellectual property law case fine solution ", Xiamen University Press, 2004 edition;" Intellectual Property law ", Xiamen University Press, 2007, and so on.